The kitchen has always been the heart of any home but more and more it seems that the whole of family life revolves around the kitchen … and quite often the current kitchen space cannot cater to that.

MRWPS can help you to maximise your existing kitchen space, working with you to reorganise the arrangement of white goods and furniture, or we can help you to design and build a new, light, spacious kitchen extension that will allow for homework and hobbies as well as family suppers and leisurely lunches with friends … and the occasional doubling up as a home office when necessary.

We can work with your plans, kitchen designer, or we can put you in contact with an independent adviser, or we can work with you and talk you through the practicalities of plumbing and electrics alongside what you have in mind, so that you don’t feel pushed into being persuaded to include something ‘fashionable’ that you know you don’t really want or need.

And you will end up with a well-finished and functional kitchen. It makes sense.  And MRWPS comes with lots of experience so any suggestions we make will have good foundations